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Demo & POC

A proof of concept (POC) is an exercise in which work is focused on determining whether an idea can be turned into a reality. A proof of concept is meant to determine the feasibility of the idea or to verify that the idea will function as envisioned.

Solution Designing

Written succinctly, solution design is the high-level visual representation of business solutions that outline how the company will minimize the time & cost of solution implementation and maximize the solution’s quality.

Implementation (PS)

ERP impacts every aspect of your business, from materials in, to goods out and everything in between. All the more reason then, to treat an implementation (be it an upgrade or completely new system) with the respect it deserves.

Assessment services

The objective of a threat and risk assessment is to provide recommendations that maximize the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of your most valued information assets, while still providing functionality and usability.

Virus Outbreak

Virus Outbreak Service (VOS) provides a complementary shield to conventional AV technology, providing protection in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks, continuing as each new variant emerges.

SOC & NOC Services

A Network Operations Center (NOC) maintains optimal network performance, while a Security Operations Center (SOC) identifies, investigates, and resolves threats and cyber attacks.

Awareness & Technology Training

A security awareness & Technology Training program is a formal program with the goal of training users of the potential threats to an organization's information.
• Cyber Security Awareness
• Workshops
• Webinar & Marketing Events

Tech Support (Pre-Post sales)

Our Certified and experienced presales team will help you in answering the queries and technical questions and also to demonstrate products.

Solution Consulting

The Solution Consultant is primarily responsible for determining the overall strategic, operational and technical scope of new business opportunities with customers and prospects.

Product Distribution

Our distribution enhances a vendors exposure in the product market and can give an edge in terms of speed and efficiency.